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    Hong Kong CLG Incorporation Standard Package

    Hong Kong CLG Incorporation Standard Package

    Unless otherwise indicated, the CLG stated in this quotation refers to a company limited by guarantee (guarantee company) incorporated in Hong Kong in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. This quotation is valid until 31 March 2022.

    Our fee for this company limited by guarantee (CLG) registration standard package is USD1,720. The fee covers first year company secretary, registered office, designated representative, and the payment of official filing fees to the Hong Kong Government and first year business registration fee.

    For the registration of a CLG in Hong Kong, client needs to provide the identification documents and address proof, such as utility bill or address of registered office, of each person who will be the member and director. In addition, client is required to provide a detailed description of the object of the company. Kaizen can assist you to draft the object clause or the Articles of Association. Our fee for this service will be quoted upon request.

    The registration of a CLG in Hong Kong could take around 1 month.

    After the CLG is duly registered, the company can file an application for Section 88 tax exemption.  The application as Approved Charitable Institution could take around 3 to 6 months after the company is incorporated.

    Upon receipt of confirmation of approval of Section 88 application, if the company thinks fit, it may further make an application for a licence from the Companies Registry to dispense with the word "Limited" in its name. It normally takes 3 to 6 months for the Company Registry to process an application for the grant of a licence.

    The fees stated in the quotation are for general reference only and is subject to change from time to time.

    1. Hong Kong Guarantee Company Registration Fees

      Our fee for handling the registration of a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong with the standard Articles of Association is USD1,720. Our fee covers up to 3 members and 3 three directors, a total of 6. An extra fee of USD50 will be charged for each additional member/director in excess of 6. In particular, our fee covers the following services.

      CLG Registration

      • Answering clients questions in respect of registration and maintenance of a company limited by guarantee (CLG) in Hong Kong;
      • Performing client due diligence (CDD), including verification of identification and address proof of the members and directors;
      • Name availability check;
      • Preparation of Standard Articles of Association and other incorporation documents;
      • Providing advice as to the preparation of the object clause of intended company;
      • Submission of incorporation application documents to and liaison with the Companies Registry in respect of the registration;
      • Payment of official registration fee and first year business registration;
      • Collecting of Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate (valid for one year) form the Companies Registry once the company is duly incorporated;
      • Preparation of compliance corporate kit, including corporate stamps, registers and minutes book;
      • Preparation of minutes of first board meeting/written resolution.

      Corporate Secretarial Service

      Kaizen acts as the named Company Secretary for your Hong Kong company to comply with filing requirements of the Companies Ordinance.
      • Companies Registry (CR) Compliance Alert & Reminders
      • Preparation and filing of Annual Return

      Business Address

      Kaizen provides a Hong Kong street address as the registered office of clients CLG. The address can be used for both the registration of your company and receiving mails, notices and letters sent from the Government and other business letters. Two options for handling incoming letters:
      • Kaizen will open, scan the paper mails received, and send the scanned copies to the client. The paper letters will be destroyed one month after the date indicated in the email.
      • Kaizen will forward mails to the address designated by client once a month. Actual postage will be charged separately.

      Unless otherwise instructed, mails will be processed by option 1 by default. If mails need to be processed immediately, an extra fee of USD10 per batch will be charged.

      Designated Representative

      Kaizen or one of its associated company will act as the designated representative of the clients Hong Kong company for one year. The responsibilities of the designated representative include updating and maintaining the Significant Controller Register (SCR) and liaison and providing assistance relating to the companys SCR to a law enforcement officer.

      Our fee stated above does not include drafting Articles of Association to meet the requirements of the Inland Revenue Department for application as an Approved Charitable Institution (Section 88 Application). Client may consider the service of a lawyer when drafting the Articles of Association, but it is not must.
      The fee quoted above is applicable to a company with 6 members and/or directors. A fee of USD50 per additional member/director will be charged.
      All fees quoted are exclusive of delivery charge and tax, if any.

    2. Optional Services

      In additional to company registration, we also provide the following related services to supplement the registration of the Hong Kong guarantee company.



      Fee (USD)


      CPA certification of incorporation documents, per set



      Bank account introductory services (Note 1)



      Application for Section 88 exemption (Note 2)



      Application for exemption from using Limited?(Note 3)


      Kaizen will provide assistance to open a corporate bank account with a bank in Hong Kong for your Hong Kong company, including preparation of certified incorporation documents as required by the bank, reviewing of bank account application documents prepared by client and liaison with the bank in respect of the bank account application. Please note the bank requires at least a director visit their Hong Kong branch personally for the purpose of due diligence. It should also be emphasised that our role is limited to providing assistance and it is the sole discretion of the bank to decide whether to open the bank account or not. We do not assume any reliability should the bank decides not to open the bank account for you.

      Kaizen provide assistance for the application as Approved Charitable Institution, that is, Section 88 exemption. Our services include preparing the application letter, arranging a certified true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association and the communication between the Inland Revenue Department.

      Upon confirmation of approval as a charitable organisation from the tax authority, if the company thinks fit, it can also apply for permission from the Companies Registry to dispense the suffix "LIMITED" to its name. Kaizen offers the services for the application to dispense with the word "Limited" including prepare the application letter, collect and submit the materials and the communication between the Companies Registry.

    3. Payment Terms and Methods

      Upon receipt of your confirmation of engagement, we will issue and send you an invoice together with the wiring instruction for your settlement. Please mark our invoice number or account number in the message section of the remittance receipt and then send a copy of the same to us so as to enable us to locate your payment. Because of the nature of service, we require full payment in advance. Also, once service is commenced, no service fee will be refunded except special case.

      We currently accept Hong Kong Dollar check, cash or TT and credit card through PayPal only. If payment is settled through PayPal, extra 5% services fee will be charged.

    4. Basic Structure of a Hong Kong Company Limited by Guarantee

      • One member, two individual director, one company secretary
      • Member can be natural person or corporation and no restrictions on nationality
      • Company secretary can be a Hong Kong resident or company;
      • Must designate a Hong Kong local resident as its designated representative
      • Must state the amount guaranteed by each class of members
      • Must file audited financial statement
      • Profits could not be distributed to its shareholder/member

    5. Materials Required for Incorporation of Guarantee Company

      The following materials have to be prepared and delivered to Kaizen for the registration of a CLG:
      Copy of passport (or identity card for Hong Kong resident) and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each member; if member is a corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and registered office and the passport and residential address proof of any person who holds more than 10% of shares in that corporation;
      Copy of passport (or identity card for Hong Kong resident) and residential addresses proof (such as utility bill or telephone bill) in respect of each director;
      A duly completed incorporation order form (including "Know Your Client" due diligence form) (to be provided by Kaizen);
      A detailed description of the object of the CLG;
      Activity Plan and Budget Plan for the first 12 months after the company is registered.

      The identification and address proof documents of the members and directors need to be certified by Kaizen, or a practising accountant or lawyer or attesting officer in the place where the members/directors are located.

      If any of the documents are not in English or Chinese, an English or Chinese translation will be required.

    6. Hong Kong Guarantee Company Incorporation Procedures

      The whole process for the registration of a CLG could be completed in around one month. The application for Section 88 exemption and licence to dispense limited?from the name will take 3 to 6 months each.






      Client confirms with Kaizen the engagement for the incorporation of a CLG; Kaizen issues an invoice to client.



      Client provides the materials listed in Section 5 to Kaizen by email. Payment of service fees should be settled at the same time.

      Clients Schedule


      Kaizen performs client due diligence, including making arrangement with client to verify the identification and address proof documents of the members and directors

      Clients Schedule


      Kaizen performs a name availability search.



      At the same time, client drafts object clause of the Articles of Association (AA) or client engages a lawyer to draft the Articles of Association



      Kaizen then prepares incorporation documents, including the Articles of Association.



      Kaizen delivers the incorporation documents to client for signature. Client signs off the documents and return the duly signed documents to Kaizen

      Clients Schedule


      Kaizen then files duly signed incorporation documents with the Companies Registrar for registration and arranges payment of registration fee.



      The Companies Registry (CR) examines the registration. If they are in good order, the CR will issue the Certificate of Incorporation in one month. A Business Registration Certificate is issued at the same time.



      Kaizen now proceeds to place an order for manufacturing of company stamps and printing of Articles of Association



      Kaizen arranges to deliver to client the Company Kit. The whole registration process is then completed.




      After the company is duly registered, Kaizen proceed to handle the application for Section 88 exemption (if applicable).



      After the application for Section 88 exemption is approved by the Inland Revenue Department, Kaizen them move on to application for exemption form use of limited?in the name of the company (if applicable).


      Note: After the company is registered, it can file an application for Section 88 exemption with the tax authority. Upon confirmation of being an Approved Charitable Institution, it may further make the application for a licence to dispense with the word "Limited" in its name with the Companies Registry.

    7. Registration Documents Returned to Client after Registration

      After the company is officially registered, Kaizen will return the following documents and materials for retention:
      Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
      Original copy of Business Registration Certificate (valid for one year);
      5 printed copies of Articles of Association
      Members register, directors register and secretary register;
      Two company stamps;
      A set of activation documents
      Section 88 application documents and confirmation letter issued by the tax authority;
      Letter of confirmation of exemption of use of limited in the name.

    8. Annual Maintenance

      Just like a public company limited by shares, a Hong Kong CLG is also required to comply with the maintenance requirements such as holding annual general meeting, updating books of accounts, auditing of financial statements and filing of tax returns as required by the laws and regulations.

      For a more detailed description of the compliance requirements and the related costs, please refer to our another memorandum titled "Hong Kong Guarantee Company Compliance and Maintenance Guide".

    If you wish to obtain more information or assistance, please visit the official website of Kaizen CPA Limited at www.kaizencpa.com or contact us through the following and talk to our professionals:

    Email: info@kaizencpa.com
    Tel: +852 2341 1444
    Mobile : +852 5616 4140, +86 152 1943 4614
    WhatsApp/ Line/ Wechat: +852 5616 4140
    Skype: kaizencpa

    DOWNLOAD:Hong Kong Guarantee Company Incorporation Procedures and Fees【PDF】

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